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What We Provide

At Homework Plus, with over 15 years of experience, we know what is necessary to help your child succeed. Our tutoring program includes a commitment from our tutors to provide your child structured sessions and a close connection between what is taught in class and the tutoring service. One-on-one tutoring is well known for promoting both greater learning among students and greater motivation to learn than traditional teaching and learning situations in school. Tutoring sessions can help your child with time management, organization, listening, comprehension, effective studying methods, and the confidence they need to succeed in school!

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Elementary Tutoring

Attention to Detail

Elementary tutoring programs can make a huge difference in how well your child adapts to middle school and their future education in general. During elementary, your child develops the most basic academic skills and the foundation that they will rely on for the rest of their lives. If your child does not progress along with the instruction provided in elementary school and does not build a proper foundation, it's best to confront the specific obstacle earlier rather than later. Supplemental academic support may lead to a smooth transition to middle and high school. Providing your child with a solid elementary foundation is important for long term development. At Homework Plus, we provide educational programs that will help your child achieve success at school and in life. Our proven methods will make continuous learning acceptable to your child and less stressful for you.

Middle School Tutoring

Independent Growth

Middle school is where students begin to establish successful and independent studying techniques. This moment is crucial for ensuring success in their academic careers. And the transition between elementary and middle school can be hectic. Our experienced tutors will help guide your child through success to fill the gaps they may have in their education's foundation. Through a visual, verbal, mental, and written approach to tutoring and studying, we will make sure to provide the skills necessary for quality independent practice. By paying attention to your child's needs now, they can be better prepared for high school. Our goal at Homework Plus is to provide the tools necessary for independent growth and one-on-one tutoring is the perfect step to achieving that goal.

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High School Tutoring

Always Prepared

Between a demanding social life, extracurricular programs, and tough courses, some high school students may need extra help outside of the classroom. Especially as the requirements for colleges expand, the stress on a high school student increases. At Homework Plus, our tutors are experts at helping students build proper studying and organization skills needed to be successful and balance their lives. Whether it is for an AP course, SAT prep, or a dual enrollment class, our tutors can provide you with the help you need to stay calm and pass the test!

College Prep

Ahead of Life

During college, students may notice a decline in their education's momentum. This happens almost naturally and it may be the first time you have even considered a tutoring service. Tutoring during college may have an impact on whether you graduate or not. During such a stressful and expensive time in your life, it is important to get peace of mind and know your commitment is worth it. At Homework Plus, we will provide you with the confidence and knowledge needed to graduate!

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Do you provide math tutoring for Algebra?

We are aware that the transition from basic math to algebra in middle school can be difficult and chaotic for any child. In our over 10 years of experience, we have discovered that kids usually need help with fractions, proportions, and linear equations to get a better understanding of Algebra. Let our professional tutors provide your child with the math help they need. At Homework Plus, we will provide personalized attention and help with math homework at any level.

What Math Tutoring Do You Provide?

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How will the tutor measure your child's progress?

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