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FSA Test Prep

Pass The Test!

Our 10-Week long FSA program is intended to help your child build the tools and confidence needed to pass the FSA. By giving practice exams, administered by a Certified Teacher, we can identify issues in test-taking techniques, gaps in education, and many more issues that are communicated with you, the parent, and your child.

As we progress through the 10-week program, we help your child fill those gaps through practice, communication, and developing a method for success. Math, Science, Reading, and Writing FSA Practices are available for any grade, as well as EOC Assessments. We understand the stress associated with the FSA is a burden on the parents and the child, it is our goal to relieve that burden by helping your child develop the tools and confidence needed to pass the test!

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HSPT Program

Get in to the High School of Your Dreams!

Our High School Placement Test Program is designed to get you ready for the big test! The HSPT is a test on your language and quantitative skills. It is important to be prepared before taking this 298 question test, taken over 2½ hours. The test has 5 sections including verbal, quantitative, reading, mathematics, and mathematics skills. All five sections are important, however, we prioritize the quantitative and mathematics sections.  

Our comprehensive program helps you get prepared by giving you certified HSPT practice exams over a series of 40-hour, 20-hour, or hour-long Private Sessions and assessing your scores and skills. We then compare your scores anonymously to the rest of the scores of the students in the program. This simulates a similar situation in the real world where schools compare students scores to confirm their placement. This gives the parent and the student a good understanding of where they stand when the test day comes. Along with frequent progress reports given to the parents, students will be assigned homework to maintain continuous exposure to the curriculum.

Test preparation sessions are best conducted when there is a collaborative dynamic among the participants. Pre-existing relationships positively impact student achievement. For this reason, we encourage parents to form small groups of close family and friends. The private program functions best for the students and is more reasonably priced for the parents. Please inquire about the special program today!

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Belen Test Prep

Always Prepared

Homework Plus is committed to getting you prepared for the middle school entrance exam for Belen. Our program is designed to identify gaps in students academic abilities and help build the confidence and skills needed to get into their  choice school. By administering practice exams and reviews, your child's progress will advance and they will have a competitive chance to get in! We also assist your child with their entrance essay which can have a critical effect upon your progress into Belen. Visit us today to learn more about what this program has to offer!