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Middle School

We understand the transition from elementary to middle school can be challenging for most kids. From one year to the next, your child is expected to become more independent and able to handle a bigger workload. This chaotic time in life can be challenging and take a toll on the academic abilities of your child. If you see your child start to struggle, it is best to enroll them into a supplemental education program before the issue becomes compounded. By being proactive, we can identify the problems and develop an approach to fixing the issues that satisfy you, the parent, and the abilities of your child.

As every student is different, it is important for us to be adaptable and find a personalized approach to helping your child succeed academically. Sometimes, the solution is developing routines and methods to become more organized and effective in their education. Our Homework Help Program is the perfect answer to this problem. By supervising and motivating your child daily, they can begin to develop the life skills and confidence needed to move beyond this chaotic transition. Another great choice is our One-on-One Tutoring Services that match a tutor with your child and personally find and approach gaps with structured methods and techniques that will build the skills needed to succeed. We are aware that the transition from basic math to algebra in middle school can be difficult and chaotic for any child. In our 10 years of experience, we have discovered that kids usually need help with fractions, proportion and linear equations to get a better understanding of algebra.

If you are looking for a fun and creative avenue for your child to develop, join one of our STEAM programs! Our Weekly STEAM meetings are a great way to get your child excited to learn by teaching fun tools like coding, 3D modeling, 3D printing, and building robots with VEX Robotics! Our project-based programs compliment your child's interests and facilitate their growth as a confident and motivated student! Join us as we design, animate, build, and explore!

Looking to get into the high school of your choice? If you are looking for a High School Placement Test, HSPT, program join us for our program starting in August! With our experience, we can help your child get into Belen, Columbus, St. Brendan, La Salle, or any other high school of your choice. Stop by today to see if Homework Plus is right for you and your child!