Homeschool Assistance

Enrich your child's homeschooling with personalized support.

We understand mom and dad can get busy very quickly and are not always available to help when they want. You can count on Homework Plus to assist your homeschool child whenever the time comes. With our experience, we know what to expect and how to guide your child on the right path to becoming self-learners!

Learn to Read

Supervised Learning

Attention to Detail

We make sure your child is taking the proper steps to learn the lesson and complete the work as provided no matter the curriculum. If an issue arises, our experienced tutors are there to assist in any way possible. This can be explaining something that was not understood or providing the resources needed to understand the content. You can count on Homework Plus to guide your child to academic success!

Teacher and Young Student

Experienced Tutors

Expert Service

Our experienced tutors have had the opportunity to work with a multitude of curriculums and homeschool students, so they know what to expect. We understand the burden put on the parent when they feel they are too busy or don't know the material enough to assist their child. With our help and your trust, your child will have all the tools needed to succeed.

Male Student

Work Environment

Always Prepared

Our separate workspace, free from distractions, is fully equipped with computers, books, and all the materials needed to compliment your homeschooling. Our facility is also available during the weekends, so feel free to stop by whenever and see if Homework Plus is the right choice for your child!