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High School

At Homework Plus, we understand the stress associated with tough classes and overwhelming responsibilities during your time in high school. You may feel your academic momentum begin to slow down. This is normal and expected as the curriculum becomes more demanding and you begin to prepare for college and the future ahead of you. Your grades are a representation of your academic skills and one of the qualifications for getting into the college of your choice. It is important to keep those grades up and our professional and experienced staff are here to help!

Looking for help on an upcoming test or for a weekly meeting with a tutor to stay up to date with the curriculum? Contact us today to take advantage of our One-on-One Tutoring services and get ahead on your academics. The advantages of an adaptable and personal tutoring program are irreplaceable. Our tutors will identify gaps in your understanding of the content and help you fill those gaps through personalized methods. Our goal is to help you to understand the information and be able to move forward independently with your academic success. Whether you are tutoring for a test, ACT, PSAT, or the SAT, Homework Plus has the experienced staff you need!