Preschool Graduation Ceremony


During a child's life in elementary, they will begin to develop their most fundamental academic skills. The skills include reading, writing, and basic arithmetic. Along with these fundamental academic skills, elementary also functions to build life skills like critical thinking, problem-solving, deducing, and organization skills. If a child faces obstacles during these challenging times, it can affect their future education. We understand the importance of getting your child excited to learn and grow. With your trust and our experience, we can provide the right environment to motivate and progress your child's advancement in life.

For elementary students, we recommend registering for the Homework Help program. The Homework Help program is perfect for young learners struggling with their home learning. We instill basic methods and techniques that will help your child become a self-learner and more independent with their education. Another program we suggest is the FSA Test Prep Program, the program consists of 10 weekends of practice with a certified teacher and our experienced staff. We find gaps in their skills and provide methods to fill the gaps through mockup practices and communication with you and your child. Their practice test results are recorded and analyzed for improvements or gaps not found before. Our last program to recommend is the STEAM program. The STEAM Programs are designed to get young learners excited to explore and solve problems. By using the STEAM method to teach, your child will reinforce their skills in science and math while having fun and being creative! Join one of our programs today and get started in progressing your child's academic future!