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Homework Plus helps guide your child on the right path to academic success - from elementary to high school, Homework Plus is your education and STEAM supplement in Doral

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Homework Help

The Homework Help program is designed to help your child complete their written and online homework every day. Our program can help build skills such as organization, independence, and confidence to succeed from elementary to middle school. By enrolling your child, you will prepare them for their future by ensuring that their home learning is monitored and guided to build a stronger academic foundation!

1-on-1 Tutoring

We understand the stress that can arise from academic struggles. At Homework Plus, we will provide personalized attention and help your child with adaptable instruction depending on the content and their needs. With 1-on-1 tutoring, personal attention and adaptable instruction enables students to better understand the content and helps create the skills needed to achieve academic success. For tutoring in Doral, Homework Plus is the perfect choice!

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Homework Plus is committed to helping your child succeed through their education. You can count on us to help your child with any home school associated challenge when needed. With our experience, we know what to expect and how to guide your child through their curriculum depending on their grade. We're here to offer our assistance, visit us to see if Homework Plus is right for you and your child!



Homework Plus has been a major supplement to education in Doral since its foundation. We understand the importance of helping your child succeed and this includes getting them excited to learn. Our STEAM programs are designed to educate with fun. Our project-based STEAM Summer Camp or our Weekly STEAM meetings are a great opportunity to get ahead and include fun in your child's education!


What Sets Homework Plus Apart

Homework Plus has been recognized for over 15 years for the quality education services and family atmosphere required to support the education of your child in a meaningful and effective manner. Whatever supplementary education service you are looking for, we will guarantee flexibility and try to assist the needs of your child. We understand the importance of consistency and dedication and it is our passion to help grow the abilities and confidence of your child in their education.

Our team can help in every field, including mathematics, science, reading, and writing, at any grade level. We also provide standardized testing preparation for most tests including FSA, PSAT, SAT, IOWA and even HSPT tutoring in Doral and the surrounding area. To learn more about our team, our business or the educational services we provide, please contact us for information.